About WMI

About WMI

Become a Skilled Wedding Manager

WMI stands for Wedding Management Institute, and our mission is to provide comprehensive and exceptional wedding management and design education. Our institute was founded by the experienced directors of Evolve Weddings, Varun Dua and Chirag Dua, with the goal of addressing the need for skilled professionals in the thriving wedding industry.

WMI founders bring their passion and expertise in wedding planning and design to provide a comprehensive education to aspiring wedding managers. As India’s leading institute for wedding management, our curriculum is built on hands-on learning, covering all aspects necessary to excel in the wedding and event industry. We bridge the gap between enthusiastic students and the industry’s demand for trained personnel.

At WMI, we believe in holistic education and offer a unique approach to developing aspiring wedding managers. With a strong industry background, we are committed to providing our students with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the dynamic wedding industry. Join us and take the first step toward realizing your potential in this exciting field.

WMI Advantages

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Hands-On Training

Comprehensive Curriculum

Industry Expertise

100% Placement

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The Exciting World of Indian Weddings

Culture, Tradition, Extravagance, Celebration

The Indian wedding industry is a behemoth, worth a staggering $50 billion USD and one of the largest in the world. Despite the pandemic, the industry remained stable and even grew due to India’s deep tradition of weddings.

Each wedding function is unique, requiring personalized and imaginative experiences, making the industry incredibly diverse. In the wedding industry wedding planners derive immense job satisfaction by utilizing their creative skills to transform their clients’ dream wedding vision into a reality.

Working in the wedding industry allows professionals the freedom to express their imagination and creativity, leading to limitless possibilities and opportunities for experimentation. As the industry is constantly evolving, professionals can stay ahead of trends, push boundaries and grow with it, making it a stimulating and exciting career path.

Our Vision

Empowering India's Wedding Professionals

At WMI, we envision a future where India’s dynamic wedding industry is driven by skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Our mission is to empower young aspirants, entrepreneurs, and working professionals to unleash their potential in this thriving $50 billion market. Through comprehensive education in wedding management and design, we aim to bridge the skills gap and create a pool of ready professionals, poised to take on the challenges and opportunities of the ever-growing wedding business in India.

Our Goal

Cultivating Competent Wedding Professionals

At WMI, our goal is to cultivate competent wedding professionals through our comprehensive and experiential education in the field of weddings. Our curriculum, crafted through extensive research, covers all facets of wedding management, including planning, design, hospitality, and logistics. We strive to not only enhance the skills of aspiring wedding managers but also to bring organization to the wedding industry in India. By fostering connections and collaboration among our graduates and industry leaders, we aim to create a thriving and systematic community within the dynamic world of weddings.

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